This world of mine is not silent.


Music is a huge part of me. I don’t only like it, or listen to it, or sing it. Let’s say I take it in like breathing. If I were to include all the music that makes my world I could never end typing, but I think I can include four pieces that produce a very special effect on me. Every time I listen to them (and it can be on the bus or at a store for example), I forget myself and everything else around. It’s like connecting with the music at its primal level: sound waves vibrating in a kind of harmony that suits my own wave vibrations; kind of recognizing magnetic peers.

Simple Red – Freedom.

When I listen to it, it doesn’t seem appealing to be on stage being adored by 100,000 people; but rather giving your back to the crowd, making a circle with  the musicians sharing some kind of tribal trance.

Seal – Crazy.

It just shoots my to the Universe. I guess if the Voyager 1 had chosen a song to listen to while it travels the space, it would have been this.

Soda Stereo – En la Ciudad de la Furia.

Company of my darkest hours. It has the perfect mix of stength, sadness, sensuality, and determination. I chose a live performance because I wish the chants of the crowd will help Ceratti keep his track in this long trip he’s taken to the unknown.

U2 – Numb.

This song just de-constructs me. It’s as if all the pieces of myself would disengage and stay suspended, each vibrating with one distinctive sound of the melody. Each sound may sound discordant by itself, but all together, they produce an interesting harmony. It also makes me think of the “second in command”. We usually are aware of the leading roles; what a waste of opportunity!







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