Monthly Archives: March 2012

I’ve dug this out from my college days.


I found this poem I wrote to my literature professor some years ago. As I haven’t been writing anything lately I’ll share it with you just to make myself post something this month.  So, here it goes…





Blame PMS.


I was listening to some old CDs trying to find a song I heard the other day at the gym when I found this other by chance. Once more I wondered how all this works because it expresses how I pretty much feel right now with my reflection.

Just two more things to say:  I watched the videoclip and it sucks! I can’t believe they wasted such lyrics in that concept; so I chose another source which has the advantage of having the lyrics written (what’ll help if you are kind of  behind with your listening skills as I definitely am). I listened to it several times and I think they are accurate. Anyway, the main concept is clear.

On the other hand, I can’t help feeling hurt when he sings about Jesus not dying for us.  Not that I’m particularly religious, but it’s just such a hopeless thinking! After all, don’t we all eventually die for one another? We are all contributing to the same ecosystem in all levels of existence.

The passing years just make it better and better.



If you haven’t watched this movie… you should.

You are allowed to feel your chest full of admiration, love, and respect for all the people that made this movie afterwards.