Blame PMS.


I was listening to some old CDs trying to find a song I heard the other day at the gym when I found this other by chance. Once more I wondered how all this works because it expresses how I pretty much feel right now with my reflection.

Just two more things to say:  I watched the videoclip and it sucks! I can’t believe they wasted such lyrics in that concept; so I chose another source which has the advantage of having the lyrics written (what’ll help if you are kind of  behind with your listening skills as I definitely am). I listened to it several times and I think they are accurate. Anyway, the main concept is clear.

On the other hand, I can’t help feeling hurt when he sings about Jesus not dying for us.  Not that I’m particularly religious, but it’s just such a hopeless thinking! After all, don’t we all eventually die for one another? We are all contributing to the same ecosystem in all levels of existence.


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