Life savers.


Books have been my life savers since I can remember. They’ve brought me comfort, tenderness, wisdom, fun, friends, teachers and peers  I’ll love forever.  For some time now I’ve been in need of stories which I know beforehand will end well; life’s uncertain enough these days. This is quite complicated to find because too obvious a goal usually implies a cheap job. I tried with science fiction but I got exasperated immediately. However, my guardian angels never let me down… completely. I was looking around  at the library when this volume caught my hand. It was big and thick so I doubted (it’d be uncomfortable to read to in bed); but on the other hand, its copyright says 2011 which is extraordinarily recent for the age of books in English available in this corner of the world. I read the cover and it was a fantasy novel with wizards, fairies, heroes and all the lot.  Good. No ordinary woman dealing with ordinary ordeals and washed-up emotions. I took it and what a lovely treasure I got!

As a born writer, I’ve been trying to elucidate and describe what made me fall in love with this book from the first page and I came up with many reasons;  all valid but insufficient on their own. I guess the two strongest are this kindness that transcends the paper and ink and the tender, clever way the writer chooses to explain the character’s insights. Whatever it is, I’ve been living in angst since page one because I know that every turned page takes me closer to the end.

I’d like to share this new 994 pages long friend of mine with you.

Mr. Patrick Rothfuss, I bow before your gentle heart!


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