Ups! They did it again.


I’ve had this on my mind for several weeks now but I haven’t had the chance to write it down, so  maybe, it doesn’t carry the mix of outrage, annoyance, and stubbornness (does this word actually exist?) I felt when I read the papers at the newsstands.  Anyway, today’s been a looong, crappy day at the trench trying to model a better bunch of citizens for our future glory and wellfare; so it was either watching a movie to cry my heart out or plug my headphones to Glee’s “Give up the funk” non stop till they do their magic. Meanwhile, I’ll speak my mind up.

The raffles for the OG football competition in London ended up with us playing against the host… again. It seems that having won 2 golden medals, being America’s last champion, and being 3rd in the FIFA ranking doesn’t make us worthy enough to be head of a series… or is it that we are too few TV watchers, too poor to be treated fairly, at least once? So, here we are again, playing against the odds, with a host who won’t forget that tiny error the Uruguayan referee did in South Africa which costed England the world championship.  (By the way, is there a chance of fair play at any raffle related with football?)

On the other hand, I can understand how annoying we can be. They just can’t get rid of us! We’ve been spoiling the high and mighty’s fun since the first couple of  beggars, criminals and illiterates arrived to this harbour to start our glorious history as a nation. At this point you should take into consideration that these people weren’t Anglo-Saxon criminals like the ones who arrived in Australia… these were Latino.  And believe me, every single Uruguayan is born with the conviction that we should better be someone else! (I mean… I can’t make myself write in my mother tongue!) We just don’t like others telling it to us, or messing around with our national religion… football. (Probably, 4 out of 10 folk songs have football as their inspiration.)

With a number of 3 million, nobody can explain certain events in our history. Two hundred years ago, the Spanish couldn’t keep us as a colony and the English, the Argentinians, the Brazilians, couldn’t conquer us either, a bunch of poverty-stricken cattleherds . I could keep on listing examples of our awkward persistence against logic, but I’m tired and can’t keep track of what nonesense I’m writing. Therefore, I’ll just raise my case with one last piece of evidence:  The 11 people that survived 72 days lost in the Andés; the 2 who climbed the mountains with nothing but their will to look for help were Uruguayans. These ones were very top hat people, as far as the wretched herders as they can be; however, they all share the same basic instinct of Uruguayan endurance.

So this July, when you are watching the games, you probably won’t see much sky-blue at the grandstands; don’t let that misguide you. We just need 11 jerseys. Hisotry has proved it once and again.


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  1. mmmmmmmm lets not enrich our pride through history, lets stop being so third-world country and look ahead. We WERE Champions, somewhere in between we stopped. If history was the matter we wouldn’t have olympic games or world cups held every 4-5 years to see who’s best. I looooove my country and our football-based ‘patriotism’ (does that word even exist? haha) but, I gotta admit that apart from our 4th place in Southafrica,we ain’t got much more out there, lets ambition and do! lets foster sports! And ‘Imnotthatbad’ you said it yourself, you can’t even write in your own language, so don’t complain! hahahaha

    • I wouldn’t forget La Copa América. I think you missed my point, but it’s OK; it wasn’t my brightest day that one. I’m not surprised I didn’t make myself clear.

      Anyway! I’m SOOOOOO happy to have one comment at last!! Even when it wasn’t the kind my ego had been waiting… Yes, as in football, I’m not that coherent or rational in other matters either.

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