Hi! I’m back from the land of unconsciousness. If there was any doubt about something weird happening to me, let me tell you that immediately after the surgery, the doctor asked my mum whether I was Uruguayan. It seems that I woke up speaking in English!! The doctor said I’d answer “I don’t understand” to everything they told me. I didn’t do what they asked me to do until they addressed me in English… now, take your own conclusions.

Now, that I’m fully conscious I can’t pay much attention to anything, either Spanish or English. I have loads of books to read (in English), magazines (in Spanish); the TV (which sucks by the way); even many kind visitors to keep me company; but I can’t focus on anything for more than two minutes. I thought I’d be writing or at least editing a lot since I have so much time to spare, but it hasn’t happened. My whole day goes away watching the time to see when I have to take which medicine. Fortunately, after an ugly, ugly experience with the sedatives in hospital, pain hasn’t been an issue; I mean, it hasn’t been anything I haven’t experienced before.

Nobody has been able to make my modem work so I’m kind of electronically isolated; but today  my godson, who lives next door, lent me his netbook with internet access for a while and I got some distraction.

I was really worried about the evolution of my knee, not knowing whether to call the doctor or not. At last I did and I’m taking antibiotics. My leg is not that swollen now and the bruise that spread from my ankle to my groin is much smaller.All in all, I think everything is going fine. I have 9 more days of convalescence. The nightmare of rehabilitation lays ahead.

I know most of the loving people who have been around me supporting me in any imaginable way can’t speak English; but I want to thank them here from the bottom of my heart anyway. They happen to love me in spite of my weirdness, so they’ll understand. I hope I’ll be able to write something more for Akashic Record before I get out of bed and into life again.


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  1. Well… since I´m reading a lot of blogs in english, I finally feel able to comment in english too 😉
    I´m looking forward to read some new stories 🙂
    The weather sucks, so enjoy your recovery and let everyone spoil you 🙂

    Besos desde el otro lado del charco!

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