Monthly Archives: June 2012

I definetly like the drums… ;)



OK, I found one without…


Irish drums, but standard drums which is also AMAZING!!! Don’t get me wrong! I love these drums too! I had trouble downloading the video, so if you can’t watch it, just search it in you tube. It’s worth it.

More Florence…


I’ve been listening to some other songs by Florence  and I realised that what compels me most from her songs are two things: The vocal arrangements (is it well said?) that let you listen five or six different voices in different keys, but in awesome, moving  harmony. That skill reminds me of Annie Lennox. The other super thrilling thing about this music are those drums at the back that remind me of traditional Irish music. Kind of a 21st century Ennia?

Anyway! When I listen to these songs I transport myself to cliffs and moors and horses running wild and the romantic idea of the middle ages. Regarding the video clips: the concepts and aesthetics are superb. I think they let show Florence’s background which I read is a very cultured one. One good point to education against consumerism.

I leave you another song to enjoy.


It’s been sooo long….


…since I posted something. Reasons? Factual and fictional; both.

Factual. It’s been soooo cold! And I don’t own a portable computer so some nuisances have come to play an important role in my sitting in front of the computer. My South American friends will understand with further ado. A random reader might need an exemplification. What happens when your house lacks proper insulation and heating in your country is really expensive?

Well, you minimize your walking around your place to the essentials and never leave your bedroom (let’s say to grab some food in the kitchen or do the dishes afterwards) without a proper outfit.  The math’s easy… the computer is not in my bedroom. It’s in the guests room (pretty comfortable in summer), also known by visitors as the flowers room (as it’s decorated with pictures of flowers) or just… the freezer. I could keep a cow in here and slaughter it myself all along winter with no danger of it getting rotten.

Fictional: There have been some opportunities when hugging my hot water bottle I sat in here, but I haven’t been able to finish whatever I started typing; specially a new short tale I think might be interesting if I could make my brain focus for more than 5 minutes.

By the way! I saw the movie Snow White and the Huntsman (and reassured my knowing that I can get whatever I aim at providing it’s not trully essential or life turning) and I must be honest; something’s missing… something big.  I liked Florence’s song at the end best. I guess I’ll use it as mantra for this tale since I guess the lack of music is what hinders my writing.

If you’re just wondering… today hasn’t been that cold, but extremely wet. I’m not wearing my hood and scarf inside but the floors are damped and sticky.