Since yesterday I’ve been focused on imagining how it would be like if I set up the concert of my dreams. Not that I dream about being Madonna any longer! Well… not that often. Time and pactice have made me a much more professional dreamer. This one is even attainable (you know, just not to leave unfinished business) if I ever have the guts. I know the people who could help me, the place I could use, what training I would need. I even set a deadline: before my turning 45! I’ve been thinking on which music I’d like to sing. They’re all songs that I would have liked to produce myself in an alternative reality. I’ve been thinking on the arrangement of them in order to build up momentum… Gosh! I’m so thorough!

Whatever! I needed something to pump up the rhythm and I found this video of my dearly Sia. Pretty Disco! I hope you like it! Thanks to my friend Nati, I can insert the video properly now; so I’ll use that advantage till I fed up, ha!


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