Under 5ºC…


is what the pelican thermometer a friend brought me from Florida as a souvenir points within this room. Anyway, today was the day for me to finish and upload my last story.

I was a bit overwhelmed when some time ago I realized how hard it was to come across with a story that portrayed a nice future for us Humankind. I found it hard to think of one myself, but worst of all; if I had found one , it would have been so difficult to believe! I thought we deserved some hope, at least to counteract the heaviness that the “no future” vibe brings about.

So I’ve made a feeble attempt on that. I know it’ll sound naive and it’ll be full of gaps. However, I’d love it to happen just as I wrote it. I’ll be really greatful if you happen to read it and find a moment to comment on it.

I better go now… I’m literally freezing!



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    • Then, you’ll think it insane when I assure you that we go to the beach till 9 or 10 in the evening on Xmas day, ha! 😉

      I think it’s easier for me to picture it the other way round (Summer in July) because of the movie industry influence. Thanks for commenting!

      • You’re welcome! Yeah! I figured you’d go to the beach on Cristmas… That’s actually very cool and interesting! Movies seem to concentrate only on America, Europe and Asia. Very few if any have tackled the winter in July areas… I can see how it would be easier for you to imagine summer in July :). Good luck with everything!

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