Editing, editing, editing.


I can’t help editing my sotries in my head over and over again.  In this case, I woke up today  thinking that even when I wanted to write a different story about a possible future I had gotten into the same tried path and there was  a kind of  contradiction at the end. When I thought of Parting Day I used the easy way out. The truly trying exercise would be to think of a way out for all the 7 billion people on Earth without losing anyone of them due to the change.

I’ll try. Do you have any suggestions? We might be actually changing our fate 🙂


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  1. I hate editing a story and having to re-write. I want to write it well the first time and be done with it – I might be delusional in this regard. I do a pretty rough first draft and then I do my clean up and such with the second. Now I have an editor who looks at my stories and tells me what’s good and what’s shit. This is where the procrastination hits me full force. I hate having to fix the ‘shit’ parts – lol. In fact, I should be doing that now but I’m doing what I do best – putting it off…

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