What the f…!?


I’m getting ready for going back to work tomorrow after a 60-days-sick-leave due to my knee surgery. I’m a teacher of English and considering the relevance of next coming week,  I’ve been researching all morning about the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Everything was more or less moral and touching until I got to listen to the official song and read the lyrics…

I can just say, what the ef/ ju:/si:/kei… are they thinking! The lyrics revolve around “I won’t forgive, the vengeance is mine, whatever it takes, to stay alive”; ALIVE! For God’s sake! It’s just a sports competition and it’s supposed to get people together towards a better understanding and cooperation among humankind.

Besides the fact that the song itself sucks, they’ve ruined this Olympic Games for me beforehand. What a bunch of craps! I won’t provide any information about the song; not even to support my point of view. They just deserve oblivion!


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  1. WTF!!! is what I’ve got to say about Uruguay’s Olympic video! If sports are meant to be a life-friendly factor, this video shows exactly the opposite… ‘Totalmente ANTIDEPORTIVO man!’
    I love sports and I’m eagering for the Olympics, but It seems London’s have lost some of the basics…

    • I think you missed the point; maybe because you’re not Uruguayan; maybe because you like another type of humor; but it’s OK. Everybody’s entitled of an opinion.
      Everybody wants to win in a competition, the key point is to what length you would go for it. For us, it’s a very stressful moment indeed because we’ve got so much expectations and so much fear of not getting it that maybe that pushed us a little, but I think humor is a clever way to manage it. I don’t like the official song because, in my opinion, it’s too extreme; but I could be wrong!

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