Back to my childhood days!


I went to see the new Spiderman movie and I LOVED IT!

It reminded me of the Spiderman of my childhood when I used to spend all my afternoons watching my favourite superhero’s adventures. Recovering that feeling (which had been obliterated by the last Spiderman saga) was really cool. So, I suggest you  go and see it if you haven’t done it yet.

However, there’s a warning you might take into consideration.  My cousin (who is 32) went with me and he didn’t like it. He found it too emotional, naive and he found some contradictions in the plot I didn’t noticed at all, maybe because I was really carried by the movie. When we were discussing the matter we realized that he had liked The Avengers a lot while I found it quite simple and dark (not regarding the plot, but the very lack of daylight throughout the movie) and generally unsubstantial. Just blowing and destroying stuff.  Great special effects because everything seems real, but none that’ll keep your mouth (or mind) opened.

So; it might be a matter of ages (I’m older than him, but not that much! 😉 , or just tastes; but if you didn’t like The Avengers much, this is a movie for you. Another hint: Today I met my 11-year-old students and they told me they missed Tobey Maguire.

Well then! How was it like for you?


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