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Kurt Vonnegut’s rules of writing.


I think you might enjoy this blog and specially this post. As a huge fan of Vonnegut’s, I enjoy every word of his!

Kurt Vonnegut’s rules of writing..


Ready, set…


and the country is about to go into the annual celebration of  nostalgia.  

This Friday there’ll be people of all ages flocking to parties of all decades. Parents leave their children home and go out to remember how everything started . Seniors will just do what they usually do:  enjoy their retirement. Youngsters will go to some parties just to enjoy “music from that age”. There are even parties to celebrate the “no-nostalgia” where DJs refuse to play music from the 20th century. News have been informing of the measures taken to control alcohol intake in drivers and everybody around (regardless they’re planning to go out or not) has asked somebody, at least once,  if they’re planning to go somewhere.

But mostly, this date is to laugh about one’s past and present. People dress as they used to in their young years and sing and dance along old hits that made them happy once.

I’ve been listening to so many good songs on the radio it was hard to pick just three as a sample of what it is and was like. The three of them are British and that says a lot about my country and generation. I have a couple of theories why we were so influenced by England at that time.  The first one is a practical one. At that time, the monopoly of teaching English was in the hands of the English publishers. Without cable TV or internet, there was where you looked at, no doubt. The other implies political issues I’m not in the mood to talk about today.

So, this is it! Enjoy and become part of those hairstyles and looks! Oh my!!!




and some extra…

OK, here it goes.


I translated my favourite song from the three I posted before. I hope it’ll give you an idea of the minds behind the music. Unfortunately, the beautiful and impeccable rhyme, which is an outstanding feature of this band, is lost for good. Just one warning: I’ve never taken a translation class so forgive any mistake or nonesense. I took a linguistics course though and I vouch for those theorists that say that bilingual people develop two separate registers or structures for each language over  those who say that there’s only one which deals with both languages. In my case, English and Spanish are quite separated in my mind, making it very difficult for me to shift from one to another suddenly. Imagine when people around me ask me to translate something I’m listening or reading. They mostly take my uncapability as a selfish refusal.

Anyway! As I said before, if it is incomprehensible, just enjoy the music! On the other hand, if you find it useful, your encouraging comments might provide this blog with another couple of translations 😉


Uruguayan music as promised…


I’m uploading three songs I really like. I’ve thought of translating them for English speakers because, basically, these songs outstand for their words, not their music. But somehow, it feels weird. The lyrics would lose in translation exactly what makes them AWESOME! specially El Cuarteto de Nos‘s songs. So, my best advise bloggers… learn Spanish! 😉 You won’t regret it! Otherwise, just enjoy the melody.

OK: Just a couple of verses for you to have a “taste” of it. Sorry, but translating is not one of my strengths!

“and among so many falsities, many of my lies have become true” …
“I’ve already laughed and given a shit for things and people that scare me now”…
“I threw stones and spits to the place I now work in”

“I’ve got more taboos than Hindues and Pakistanies”…
“That who laughs last… thinks slower”…
“I dress like Gandhi, but think like Armani”…
I seem directed by Buñuel or Kurosawa”

“Everything is treated with disdain
Nothing makes a difference.
It’s not how I was brought up, I apollogize”.

Thanks God!


There’s football on Earth to occupy one’s mind when it’s too full of other creepy things! Uruguay played against France last week and all Uruguayans worried about what we saw. There are too many players not playing in their clubs and that shows in their imprecision. Besides, our coach seems too stuborn to try other players on the bench.  However, our faith is un-vanquish-able (lately I’m kind of inventing words!)

Just to get into the mood, a friend shared this on his wall and even when it’s old, it captures the essence of our spirit. As the commentator says at the end, and it’s a verse from a folk song about football, “when Uruguay plays, the jersey is transpired by the heart”. With my mind set on next September 7th, when we play a new World Cup qualifying match I share it with you. I wonder why it’s in Portuguese?



Accidentally, the blocks key of my keyboard was pressed and the title came up on upper case letters but two secs after (and I’m using the abreviation on purpose because I have a student, Martina, who loves listening to me saying “wait a sec” and she asks me to repeat it and repeat it because it makes me look cool) I realised it should be  exactly like that, as shouting to cover kilometers and kilometers  throughout the Earth (yep, I’m South American and I measure in kilometers. Even when I know it “sounds” better, more romantic perhaps to say miles and miles I’ve never been able to figure out distances or speed expressed in miles. Feet are worse to picture though).

As I was saying, THANK YOU GUYS! to all  bloggers that have chosen to follow my blog.  I know they are a very few compared with almost any other blog, but you are IMPORTANT for me, specially after looking at those many flags in the flag counter that only visit ONCE!

This blog started as my dear friend Nati’s ( effort to pull me out of a very bad…looong period of time in my life 😉  She’s my friend, you know, and basically thinks I’m an interesting person to meet. We became friends in a very special situation when we were the only two South Americans in a pretty small suburban town called Bad Soden in Germany. (She had the upper hand because she speaks German proficiently; I, on the other hand, speak none). If that wasn’t enough, we  came to get along very well on a personal level and on a global one too since  we are not only continental neighbours, but we are very “idiosyncratic-ally” close since she comes from a Province in Argentina (Entre Ríos) which might be the most similar to Uruguay.

Anyway! We became friends in time of emotional need and we’ve remained friends because we kind of enjoy it and she insisted I should pursue my secret wish of becoming a writer and start showing my writings. So she payed me a visit with her husband last Summer and opened this account for me. I started pretty scared of what would happen to my ego after nobody showed interest on my writings on a  global scale, but continued anyway because I’m pretty stuborn and incorregible hopeful. But the very first day she published my first story “INSIDE JOB”,I GOT MY FIRST FOLLOWER!  and that certainly made a difference.

I soon discovered I was too lazy (and in a less degree, too busy) to write all the stories I continuously hear in my head, so I started posting comments and surprisingly, some people around the world got interested in them too. So, THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN! To make my cyber happiness complete, I’d love to receive more comments on things, but as I’ve experienced myself visiting your blogs, commenting usually is harder than it seems. The like button seems to solve everything!

And here there’s the unveiling of the  “crick-crick” noise in my ABOUT I’ve never been able to explain before! I kind of like it this way, because the solution to the riddle will remain only to those really interested in it.