When everything seemed lost…


Shame kind of sobered me up… and a warmth wrapped me in a much needed love towards my fellow beings. I had planned to post a pretty sarcastic, almost obnoxious piece of my mind since this last week was utterly frustrating, to the point of smashing my keyboard today when, again, something bureaucratic I had to do, didn’t finish well; but in the news today I saw an interview to Alejandro Foglia, a fellow national who is still in London 2012 and yesterday he scored 10th in sailing.

It isn’t only national pride what touched me, but to see this athlete so elated and moved by his achievement. And there’s more! Best thing of all was listening to his way of speaking, which is SOOO Uruguayan and can be produced only by Uruguayans who are caught absolutely unawares. I tried to find the interview video because even if you don’t speak Spanish, his face can tell you all you need to know; but I couldn’t. Instead, I found another you might like to watch.

About the shame I mentioned…, it wasn’t because of the smashing or the thousand curses I say a day these days; at this moment, life deserves all of it and more. It was because with Uruguay eliminated from the football Olympic competition I didn’t keep a hopeful thought for the other athletes. I hope our last athlete Debora Rodríguez, who runs on Sunday, can make it too.


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