Believe it or not.


There’s a country in this large and wide world that celebrates nostalgia. Yes! It’s us. Every August 24 for about 30 years now, Uruguayans have  spent the Independence Day eve either  going to places to dance Old Hits and travel back in time when they were young and naive and full of life, or staying home thinking of the old days when they were young, naive and full of life. It’s a national celebration and gathering as no other. In my particular case, I love, love, love, love dancing!!! But I haven’t gone out for many years since being single on this date is awful!  This year at least I have my knee as an excuse 😉

Still, I’ve been thinking about music since radios have started  playing Old Hits (just a bit more than usual) to get the country “in the mood” and the obvious stream of thought for people of my generation, who were born and raised in a dictatorship, takes me to music in English. You see, it was the cleverest way of entertaining people and alienating them at the same time. Most of us didn’t understand  a word of what they were saying, but it sounded soooo good! (Meanwhile, our folk singers were missing, killed, or in exile).  Anyway,  I love all that music deeply and can’t picture myself without it. Duran Duran,  B52, INXS, The Police, The Clash, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits and hundreds of others.

However, I’m rebelling this year and started thinking from 1985 on when democracy showed up in the continent and rock in Spanish thrived. I can think on a few Uruguayan groups, but as a tiny country we received mostly music from Argentina, what I don’t regret either because it’s COOL music. So, here I leave you some hits from my teenage years and promise that I’ll post some Uruguayan cool music later, but it’ll be from a more recent period. I hope you like it!


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