Accidentally, the blocks key of my keyboard was pressed and the title came up on upper case letters but two secs after (and I’m using the abreviation on purpose because I have a student, Martina, who loves listening to me saying “wait a sec” and she asks me to repeat it and repeat it because it makes me look cool) I realised it should be  exactly like that, as shouting to cover kilometers and kilometers  throughout the Earth (yep, I’m South American and I measure in kilometers. Even when I know it “sounds” better, more romantic perhaps to say miles and miles I’ve never been able to figure out distances or speed expressed in miles. Feet are worse to picture though).

As I was saying, THANK YOU GUYS! to all  bloggers that have chosen to follow my blog.  I know they are a very few compared with almost any other blog, but you are IMPORTANT for me, specially after looking at those many flags in the flag counter that only visit ONCE!

This blog started as my dear friend Nati’s ( effort to pull me out of a very bad…looong period of time in my life 😉  She’s my friend, you know, and basically thinks I’m an interesting person to meet. We became friends in a very special situation when we were the only two South Americans in a pretty small suburban town called Bad Soden in Germany. (She had the upper hand because she speaks German proficiently; I, on the other hand, speak none). If that wasn’t enough, we  came to get along very well on a personal level and on a global one too since  we are not only continental neighbours, but we are very “idiosyncratic-ally” close since she comes from a Province in Argentina (Entre Ríos) which might be the most similar to Uruguay.

Anyway! We became friends in time of emotional need and we’ve remained friends because we kind of enjoy it and she insisted I should pursue my secret wish of becoming a writer and start showing my writings. So she payed me a visit with her husband last Summer and opened this account for me. I started pretty scared of what would happen to my ego after nobody showed interest on my writings on a  global scale, but continued anyway because I’m pretty stuborn and incorregible hopeful. But the very first day she published my first story “INSIDE JOB”,I GOT MY FIRST FOLLOWER!  and that certainly made a difference.

I soon discovered I was too lazy (and in a less degree, too busy) to write all the stories I continuously hear in my head, so I started posting comments and surprisingly, some people around the world got interested in them too. So, THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN! To make my cyber happiness complete, I’d love to receive more comments on things, but as I’ve experienced myself visiting your blogs, commenting usually is harder than it seems. The like button seems to solve everything!

And here there’s the unveiling of the  “crick-crick” noise in my ABOUT I’ve never been able to explain before! I kind of like it this way, because the solution to the riddle will remain only to those really interested in it.


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  1. As you said, the like button solves everything, I like this post 🙂
    I´m veeeerrrryyyy proud of you. Been a bloger isn´t an easy job. You need time and inspiration to sit in front of the keyboard and write something and even “something” doesn´t always come so easily to your mind, lol
    Applause to you my dear and keep collecting visitor´s flags 🙂

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