Thanks God!


There’s football on Earth to occupy one’s mind when it’s too full of other creepy things! Uruguay played against France last week and all Uruguayans worried about what we saw. There are too many players not playing in their clubs and that shows in their imprecision. Besides, our coach seems too stuborn to try other players on the bench.  However, our faith is un-vanquish-able (lately I’m kind of inventing words!)

Just to get into the mood, a friend shared this on his wall and even when it’s old, it captures the essence of our spirit. As the commentator says at the end, and it’s a verse from a folk song about football, “when Uruguay plays, the jersey is transpired by the heart”. With my mind set on next September 7th, when we play a new World Cup qualifying match I share it with you. I wonder why it’s in Portuguese?


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