Uruguayan music as promised…


I’m uploading three songs I really like. I’ve thought of translating them for English speakers because, basically, these songs outstand for their words, not their music. But somehow, it feels weird. The lyrics would lose in translation exactly what makes them AWESOME! specially El Cuarteto de Nos‘s songs. So, my best advise bloggers… learn Spanish! 😉 You won’t regret it! Otherwise, just enjoy the melody.

OK: Just a couple of verses for you to have a “taste” of it. Sorry, but translating is not one of my strengths!

“and among so many falsities, many of my lies have become true” …
“I’ve already laughed and given a shit for things and people that scare me now”…
“I threw stones and spits to the place I now work in”

“I’ve got more taboos than Hindues and Pakistanies”…
“That who laughs last… thinks slower”…
“I dress like Gandhi, but think like Armani”…
I seem directed by Buñuel or Kurosawa”

“Everything is treated with disdain
Nothing makes a difference.
It’s not how I was brought up, I apollogize”.


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