OK, here it goes.


I translated my favourite song from the three I posted before. I hope it’ll give you an idea of the minds behind the music. Unfortunately, the beautiful and impeccable rhyme, which is an outstanding feature of this band, is lost for good. Just one warning: I’ve never taken a translation class so forgive any mistake or nonesense. I took a linguistics course though and I vouch for those theorists that say that bilingual people develop two separate registers or structures for each language over  those who say that there’s only one which deals with both languages. In my case, English and Spanish are quite separated in my mind, making it very difficult for me to shift from one to another suddenly. Imagine when people around me ask me to translate something I’m listening or reading. They mostly take my uncapability as a selfish refusal.

Anyway! As I said before, if it is incomprehensible, just enjoy the music! On the other hand, if you find it useful, your encouraging comments might provide this blog with another couple of translations 😉



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