Ready, set…


and the country is about to go into the annual celebration of  nostalgia.  

This Friday there’ll be people of all ages flocking to parties of all decades. Parents leave their children home and go out to remember how everything started . Seniors will just do what they usually do:  enjoy their retirement. Youngsters will go to some parties just to enjoy “music from that age”. There are even parties to celebrate the “no-nostalgia” where DJs refuse to play music from the 20th century. News have been informing of the measures taken to control alcohol intake in drivers and everybody around (regardless they’re planning to go out or not) has asked somebody, at least once,  if they’re planning to go somewhere.

But mostly, this date is to laugh about one’s past and present. People dress as they used to in their young years and sing and dance along old hits that made them happy once.

I’ve been listening to so many good songs on the radio it was hard to pick just three as a sample of what it is and was like. The three of them are British and that says a lot about my country and generation. I have a couple of theories why we were so influenced by England at that time.  The first one is a practical one. At that time, the monopoly of teaching English was in the hands of the English publishers. Without cable TV or internet, there was where you looked at, no doubt. The other implies political issues I’m not in the mood to talk about today.

So, this is it! Enjoy and become part of those hairstyles and looks! Oh my!!!




and some extra…


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