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Long ago, more than a year now, I dared to write my first piece of writing in English. It was special because it was in English but mostly because it was my first piece in… let’s say… 30 years. I sent it to my friend Nati in Argentina, to a colleague at school and to my ex Literature Professor.

Naty created this blog for me to show it to the world. My colleague got so shocked (after having condescendingly agreed to read what she thought was, in the best of cases, a Corin Tellado’s replica) I had to utter the words for her: “Now you know how good I am at faking normality”. My ex Professor commented favourably, however, very economically on it. And that was it. I posted it as my first post here and got my first follower that very first day! But that was all.

Three days ago I’ve received a mail from my Professor saying that she wants to


There will be a publication of pieces written by Uruguayans in English. They are all poems but as soon as she heard of it, she thought of my work. I can’t say how much happiness I’m exuding right now. God provides, next December 6th I’ll be a published author… IN PAPER!!

She asked me for my bio data which makes me feel self-conscious for its lack of achievements and which can be summarized in two sentences. Therefore, I wrote one I feel more comfortable with. She won’t publish it though and stick to the: IPA graduate as a teacher of English in 2010. Pearson’s award for graduating with the highest scores of her generation. Teaches at a private primary and public high-school; period.

However, this is MY REALM, WHERE I’M MASTER OF EVERYTHING; so I’ll upload my version of what a bio should say and my piece again since it was burried under too many new posts to be dug out easily.



de-constructing / reconstructing


I haven’t read a book in more than a month.

That should be enough to explain everything; however, there’s more. The last book I read was one of Harry Potter’s (which I ADORED!), but it was in Spanish… I hadn’t read a book in Spanish in more than 6 years.

I’m slowly recovering from my second surgery and it doesn’t stop raining! I’ve got that feeling I’ll be wearing my boots until December.  It’s been raining for more than two months and we are all percolated by  the grey and the destruction the water carries. Uruguay is playing awfully awful and we, Uruguayans, are backsliding to that acrid mood of defeat.

But last Sunday was a gorgeous, luxurious sunny day and I and 3 million others opened our windows and did our laundry and cleaned our houses. While I was about my chores I found this old CD full of energetic music. I bet nobody can stay still while listening to this song.

A gift from the Americas, even when they’re supposed to sing in Spanish and I don’t understand a third of what they say.