de-constructing / reconstructing


I haven’t read a book in more than a month.

That should be enough to explain everything; however, there’s more. The last book I read was one of Harry Potter’s (which I ADORED!), but it was in Spanish… I hadn’t read a book in Spanish in more than 6 years.

I’m slowly recovering from my second surgery and it doesn’t stop raining! I’ve got that feeling I’ll be wearing my boots until December.  It’s been raining for more than two months and we are all percolated by  the grey and the destruction the water carries. Uruguay is playing awfully awful and we, Uruguayans, are backsliding to that acrid mood of defeat.

But last Sunday was a gorgeous, luxurious sunny day and I and 3 million others opened our windows and did our laundry and cleaned our houses. While I was about my chores I found this old CD full of energetic music. I bet nobody can stay still while listening to this song.

A gift from the Americas, even when they’re supposed to sing in Spanish and I don’t understand a third of what they say.




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