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The Perils of Chemistry.



I’ve received today a message from an ex-colleauge who was quite offended by my words in a previous blog.  I was much shocked because I never meant any harm or offense. For God’s sake! I was sharing a moment of much happiness! I guess my acid way of describing what I experience doesn’t react well with all bases; sometimes it’s just corrosive.

So, I take responsibility for my words.

However, be sure that whatever I have described, describe or will describe, it’ll be done in my best effort to stick to what I experienced. I’ve always had a great capability to recall  exactly what  happened or was said. How I express it, on the other hand,  specially in this blog, cannot be separated from my being a writer. You see,

I  A.M  A  W.R.I.T.E.R.  

I may not earn a living as one. I may not be read and or acknowledge as one.  I may not believe me one, but I AM ONE. Therefore, my interpretation of life will always be embedded with subjectivity, exaggeration and a taste for drama. What good story can be told without these three?  To quote a writer she recommended me to read, Paul Auster wrote in “Travels in the Scriptorium”  “If you want to tell a good story, you can’t show any pity.” I guess I’m always telling a story whenever I blog something. Question is… who isn’t all the time?

I think I should be thankful in a pretty twisted way of having received such unexpected venom in my least favourite day of the year because in a weird way it means somebody is actually reading my blog! Even when they don’t leave comments or click the “like” icon.  From now on, please, don’t suppress the impulse of commenting here when you feel like it, the moment you feel like it. I promise I’ll let it shown even when what you say is not full praise to my genius.


What marvellous humanity!



I found this on youtube by chance and I think it shows exactly what this season is about. I’m absolutely glad for the grandpa, but what touched my heart deeply was the non-stop giggling of joy of the people around him watching his emotion. Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE RECEIVING GIFTS, MANY GIFTS! I love it, love it! But what I really enjoy is that warmth in the heart that comes from the experience of giving, or like in this case watching somebody getting something they’ll really cherished.

This year, my sister could finally buy a tablet for my niece for Christmas. She left it to the end, so my niece opened all the other modest gifts first and she was quite happy with them, but when she discovered the tablet she couldn’t stop crying out of joy. Being part of that moment was the best present I’ve ever had. So I hope you get a moment to watch the video again and be part of the marvellous experience of sharing happiness.

Why are we friends? ¿Por qué somos amigas?


The very fact that you complied to go for a frantic quest around Buenos Aires in search for a book for my niece should be more than enough to explain it all; however, I think it’ll be fun to try to find out what makes us close despite the geographical distance and the long silences between us, specially during cold months.

Beyond the inner joke we both understand, I think the cyber readership deserve some kind of background info. This is actually the continuity of a moment we shared in the last bookstore we visited where we saw a book entitled “¿Por qué somos amigas?” We mocked the content for a while and I thought it’ll be fun to apply the concept to our own friendship.

So, here’s the first instalment of a long series.

BS AS 002


I could start mentioning that we both like Madonna… as an artist or that we both put on some 30 SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun (we both wore hats, just yours was a Nike cap which is by definition cooler and more fashionable, but I like my hats brimmed); however, I think it’s worth mentioning first that neither of us noticed at the moment nor after watching this photo several times that we were both wearing matching sleeveless shirts! You realized it first though!

I Payed a Call to Her Magesty.



Last Dec 15 was finally the day! We arrived early and watched the sound check, what got us pretty excited about what was to follow, but we had to wait for 5 hours!!! for the concert to begin; so we were exhausted once it started. We were lucky though because Madonna was running a fever and there was the strong possibility of she not showing up at all. The first part of the show was absolutely amazing! And what followed was really cool as well.  She wasn’t in her best shape and it showed, but we could absolutely appreciate why she’s The Queen.

She showed her professionalism and show-woman condition to her best for the 1.44 minutes the show lasted along with all the fussy, nagging, annoying and abussive characteristics a good queen should show off.  She insulted the audience repeatedly and we were… delighted! Human nature is a paradox!

Finally, some useful tips for the concert-goer: If you’re not allowed to take cameras to the stadium and you think you’re as smart as hell because you can take pictures with your mobile phone anyway… just check the batteries are charged before it’s too late. The picture above is the only one we could take before the mobile phone shut down. It could be also uesful to take some binoculars with you; specially before you’re at the stadium watching other people using them and remembering you have a pair at home; DUH!

All in all, it was an amazing moment in my life and I can’t thank my friends enough.