I Payed a Call to Her Magesty.



Last Dec 15 was finally the day! We arrived early and watched the sound check, what got us pretty excited about what was to follow, but we had to wait for 5 hours!!! for the concert to begin; so we were exhausted once it started. We were lucky though because Madonna was running a fever and there was the strong possibility of she not showing up at all. The first part of the show was absolutely amazing! And what followed was really cool as well.  She wasn’t in her best shape and it showed, but we could absolutely appreciate why she’s The Queen.

She showed her professionalism and show-woman condition to her best for the 1.44 minutes the show lasted along with all the fussy, nagging, annoying and abussive characteristics a good queen should show off.  She insulted the audience repeatedly and we were… delighted! Human nature is a paradox!

Finally, some useful tips for the concert-goer: If you’re not allowed to take cameras to the stadium and you think you’re as smart as hell because you can take pictures with your mobile phone anyway… just check the batteries are charged before it’s too late. The picture above is the only one we could take before the mobile phone shut down. It could be also uesful to take some binoculars with you; specially before you’re at the stadium watching other people using them and remembering you have a pair at home; DUH!

All in all, it was an amazing moment in my life and I can’t thank my friends enough.


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