Why are we friends? ¿Por qué somos amigas?


The very fact that you complied to go for a frantic quest around Buenos Aires in search for a book for my niece should be more than enough to explain it all; however, I think it’ll be fun to try to find out what makes us close despite the geographical distance and the long silences between us, specially during cold months.

Beyond the inner joke we both understand, I think the cyber readership deserve some kind of background info. This is actually the continuity of a moment we shared in the last bookstore we visited where we saw a book entitled “¿Por qué somos amigas?” We mocked the content for a while and I thought it’ll be fun to apply the concept to our own friendship.

So, here’s the first instalment of a long series.

BS AS 002


I could start mentioning that we both like Madonna… as an artist or that we both put on some 30 SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun (we both wore hats, just yours was a Nike cap which is by definition cooler and more fashionable, but I like my hats brimmed); however, I think it’s worth mentioning first that neither of us noticed at the moment nor after watching this photo several times that we were both wearing matching sleeveless shirts! You realized it first though!


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  1. Sin dudas por el cuidado de la piel con tanta crema, antiarrugas, factor solar, nutritiva, etc. jeje
    El amor a la música de los 80´s, porque se podía bailar!!!!Otra pasión el pan casero con manteca y crema 🙂 y viajarrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

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