The Perils of Chemistry.



I’ve received today a message from an ex-colleauge who was quite offended by my words in a previous blog.  I was much shocked because I never meant any harm or offense. For God’s sake! I was sharing a moment of much happiness! I guess my acid way of describing what I experience doesn’t react well with all bases; sometimes it’s just corrosive.

So, I take responsibility for my words.

However, be sure that whatever I have described, describe or will describe, it’ll be done in my best effort to stick to what I experienced. I’ve always had a great capability to recall  exactly what  happened or was said. How I express it, on the other hand,  specially in this blog, cannot be separated from my being a writer. You see,

I  A.M  A  W.R.I.T.E.R.  

I may not earn a living as one. I may not be read and or acknowledge as one.  I may not believe me one, but I AM ONE. Therefore, my interpretation of life will always be embedded with subjectivity, exaggeration and a taste for drama. What good story can be told without these three?  To quote a writer she recommended me to read, Paul Auster wrote in “Travels in the Scriptorium”  “If you want to tell a good story, you can’t show any pity.” I guess I’m always telling a story whenever I blog something. Question is… who isn’t all the time?

I think I should be thankful in a pretty twisted way of having received such unexpected venom in my least favourite day of the year because in a weird way it means somebody is actually reading my blog! Even when they don’t leave comments or click the “like” icon.  From now on, please, don’t suppress the impulse of commenting here when you feel like it, the moment you feel like it. I promise I’ll let it shown even when what you say is not full praise to my genius.


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