Where Do I Start?


Cloud Atlas

A warning before continuing reading:

I’m writing this straight back from the movie theatre, so I haven’t given my thoughts enough time to get organized; however, I want to pour my soul while the experience is still freshly imprinted in me.

I saw Cloud Atlas today; almost three hours of film which felt like half and these are my impresions about it:

Fact 1: I must watch it several times more — preferably with the assistant of an interpreter, in order to truly understand the body of thinking they’re trying to get through.

Fact 2:  I lost track of the relationships in the movie; specially one that I really want to understand… more watching.

Fact 3: The Wachowski are superb movie makers!

Fact 4: I confirmed once again how much I A.D.O.R.E  Hugo Weaving. He’s such a great actor! But mostly, he’s somebody I truly, truly like. I mean, he can be playing the most regrettable character, and he does it masterfully; yet I can’t help the grin on my face when I see him on the screen. No wonder then why this blog is named after one of his lines in The Matrix Revolutions.

Fact 5: I was REALLY moved when the movie ended and I could appreciate something of the kind happening to the rest of the audience because it took  all of us ages to leave our seats. It took me all the bus ride home to figure out what had touched me so deeply and I’m affraid it is the most unsophisticated of all possible reasons. It whatultimately  makes Shakespeare, Stephanie Meyer, and the Wachowski brothers all be basically the same; what differentiate them is just how smartly or poetically they put it across.

Fact 6: The bitch of procrastination has fucked me up again (no whitout warning, though). Many months ago, maybe a year, I started a new piece of fiction. I even uploaded the first draft here (let’s God be praised for that!). Now, it comes that it is of a similar nature as this movie what makes me feel uncomfortable. I know the similarity is just in its very basic proposition; however, it makes continuing my story harder than before (which was hard enough, believe me!).

Finally; I’m REALLY paraphrasing because I haven’t seen the movie enough times  so as to learn the dialogues by heart…yet;  but two dialogues caught my attention. One escaped my recalling completely; the other comes more or less like this:

__ ” … but I was designed to wait tables. I don’t know how to change people’s minds.”

__ “No revolutionary leader does.”

Please, let me know what your experiences with this movie were!


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  1. It’s not one of those movies that you watch and it makes you sob all-over-the-place, it’s more of the kind of film that has you interested right off the start, keeps that interest, and delivers pretty well. Not perfect, but still a good way to spend 3 hours at the movies. Nice review.

  2. La vimos el sábado en la comodidad de nuestra casa… Es cierto que no se hace nada pesada, todo lo contrario es como cuando lees un buen libro que te lo vas comiendo. Nos encantó! Estoy muy poco inspirada como para seguir opinando hoy y no quiero decir pavadas, jajaja

    Pero quería comentarte que nos gustó mucho esta peli 🙂


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