Oh, Those perfect words…


somebody else wrote! 😉

But don’t get me wrong! I’m not envious, not even jealous. On the contrary, I’m glad to find, now and then, those words that are so true to me, they make me love their writer as my brethen in soul.

This is taken from a novel called ‘Her First American’ by Lorel Segal.  A book that took me a loong while to read, but finally payed for the time I put in it with this excerpt:


“… Talmud is right: the loss of face is the only misfortune of which we can make no use at all. I can learn from pain, poverty, unhappy love, because I can get over them; I hardly know how to wish away past sufferings, which have made me what I have become; it would be like wishing my own face away. But there is no use to which I can put my humiliations. They don’t strengthen my muscle for suffering. They erode me. They don’t dissipate. The one thing from which one does not recover is the loss of face.


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