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Winter Recess is 130 minutes away!


And I’m still standing, and in pretty good shape thanks to a battery of vitamins and omega-3 pills I’ve been taking for the last month and a half which let me survive this last moon -as Native Americans would call it- without agonizing.

Winter recess is now 125 minutes away and I’m full of plans for these fifteen days of leisure and laziness. Well, not fifteen actually because I have to prepare and give exams on the last two days; but anyway! From here, it seems a lot of free time to spend lavishly.

What are my plans for those 19,470 minutes -give or take, ahead of me? Well here’s my draft list:

– I’ll sleep as much as I can, starting with a siesta I’ll take the moment I get home today that will last as much as Morpheus declares.

– I’ll communte as less as possible.

– I’ll watch Uruguay’s national teams play at FIFA Confederations
Cup final and under-20 World Cup.

– I took a couple of books from the library and I hope I’ll finish
‘The Great Gatsby’ by the end of my holidays.

– I’ll do my best effort not to start another Harry Potter’s book
this fortnight because I know I won’t read anything else then and
on one hand, I can only get them in Spanish; and on the other, I
must make an effort and read at least one book for adults this

– I’ll go to the movies to see ‘Monsters University‘ and ‘Despicable
Me 2′ (enough for my effort of being an adult).

– I’d like to watch ‘After Earth‘ but the non-translated version is
too late at night, so I need a companion for that.

– I’ll finally watch ‘Argo, ‘ ‘Flight’ and ‘Madagascar 3’ which I’ve
had in a memory stick since February.

– I’ll do my best and eat as less as possible since I need to lose some weight.

– I’ll do my best not to spend plastic money since my numbers are in RED and I want to get my brace by the end of the year and they’re not cheap.

– I’ll try my best to wash up the living room curtains.

– I’ll try to get together with friends and play cards.

Finally, I’ll try to write. Not to edit, but actually advance. I know nobody cares but me; but not finishing it is such a perpetual nuisance at the back of my head.

Well then; I think I’ve covered everything.

I’ll get in touch, I hope, before those 19,470 minutes ran out. By now I have another 75 minutes to wait… YES. I’m a slow writer, specially since I’m such an obssesive perfectionist. I’ve re-read this a hundred times already and I know I’ll find something wrong after posting it that will make me edit it again. Not to mention those mistakes or errors of usage I know I’ll never notice but  are anyway that haunt me in my sleep as much as my waking hours.