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You can’t stop the music…


I’ve been worried for some time now because I haven’t listened to the radio for a long, long time and I wondered how I was going to get in touch with new music, at least new to me; but I’ve found that the TV is an amazing source of great music I most probably would have never listened on any radio band where I live.

The other day I was watching a re-run of the TV series Bones and I heard this beautiful song I hope you’ll also enjoy.


I’m so sad!


I had to go about the day pretending that it was just another tragic but ultimately inconsequential piece of Hollywood gossip; I mean, I’m just a fan and moreover, I’m an adult ! I’m allowed only to a decorous amount of grief for the loss of a star I befriended only in my mind and through the screen.

However, this deep sadness kept on grabbing at me whenever I had a moment of silence. I really feel the loss of Cory Monteith as the loss of a dear friend. I love his art and that wave of tenderness and simplicity he spread around him.

What would I have told him if we had actually been friends? Well, I think I’d have told him this:


I hope we’ll meet in heaven and sing together free from sorrows, illnesses and aches.

Great! But not great enough.



It was  SOOO  moving to meet those loving characters again I can’t say I didn’t enjoy visiting the monsters’ universe again, but as a movie, it isn’t a contestant to Despicable Me 2. 


Talking about movies, I couldn’t watch After Earth (that will have to wait for theDVD), but I did see Now You See Me and I liked it. Good entertaining and EXCELLENT music.

Of course, for a viewer like me, who is so easy to confuse when the plot goes fast and there’s too much information to process it might have appeared much more brilliant than it would have been for a person with  higher reasoning skills; but all in all, I had a great time at the cinema and that’s why you pay a ticket for, right?

Racism is a Matter of Prerogatives.


This was just going to be a simple post about Uruguay’s qualification to semifinals and, eventually, it will; however, before clicking on my dashboard I had the idea of checking out how the match between Iraq and Korea Republic had ended in order to know who our rival next Wednesday would be.

Well… where to check best than at the page?

So, I accessed the page and started browsing when I came across this headline:

Semis in sight for outsiders and underdogs

( Saturday 6 July 2013
I was so astonished I doubted I was reading it correctly; I mean, English is not my first language and I might have misunderstood what I had read.
So, I looked up each word in the Cambridge Dictionary online and this is what I found:
outisider: a person who is not liked or accepted as a member of a particular group, organization or society  and who feels  different from those people who are accepted as members:
underdog: a person or group of people with less power, money, etc than the rest of society
 in a competition, the person or team considered to be the weakest and the least likely to win
Now, let me insert an aside before continuing with the main topic: I wonder what does that etc refer to in the second definition of underdog: is it less wit?Less capability? Less right to win than the high and mighty; the powerful and the rich?
I can’t still believe no moron at the FIFA organization stopped the idiot that wrote that from publishing it! Or… coming to think of it,  I can. It’s so… them.
See. I’m from a very racist country.
We are so embedded in it, we hardly notice we’re being racists  and it takes a huge conscientious effort to change our ways. That’s why every Uruguayan understood Luís Suárez when he told Evra what he did. We understood that Suárez was just trying to upset him in the game; he wasn’t making a statement.
However, most Uruguayans know and accept we must re-teach ourselves into acceptance and equality and it includes how we speak; so, we saw it right that Luís was punished for it. But the FIFA took it out of proportion and marked him as a pernicious devil who had to be expulsed from England and preferably, the world.
Just that overreaction shows how biased the FIFA mentality is, let alone the horrors at refereeing that the organization turns a blind eye on and which NEVER  compromise the game of the big ones, but most likely damage the “outsiders and the underdogs”. 
Now, I wonder what they would say if somebody asked them why they chose to address three national teams which won their right to be in Turkey and their right to be in semifinals with such pejorative words. Do they find them accurate? Or Cool?
Whatever it is, this might be the first time in the history of the organization when the Fair Play slogan will actually apply because I wonder what Uruguay, Iraq, or Ghana could offer to FIFA to tilt the results. Whatever the commodities the others have to offer, we are always at a disadvantage. We are not a big market for anything: TV transmissions, jersey sales, etc. And in the case of paying a bribe… we could only offer some cows.
That’s why our “garra Charrúa”  is so precious. As Avenatti declared in another article in the same page:  “This shirt inspires a lot of emotion in us. We’re honoured to pull on a jersey with so much history, and that’s a real advantage that we have over other teams,”
Urug Spain
Last minute note:  I’ve just watched a news report.  Spain! Arrogance is a mischievous companion. Learn to lose and your wins will be more honorable.