Checking up my list 2.0



I’m proud!

Even when we didn’t get what we all wanted. I’m proud of our performance at the Confederations Cup.  Our players showed once more that Uruguay shouldn’t be underestimated. As the popular anthem I’m attaching below says:

‘The glorious “Celeste”

It is rebelliousness and passion when

It gives everything it has in it.

That goes beyond the mere fact

Of winning or losing.’

Regarding FIFA U-20 World Cup. We’ve just won Nigeria and got to quarter-finals where we’ll play Spain.

As a goodbye, I leave you with the best cheering song of all times for a Uruguayan. I’m even thinking on translating it for any football/soccer  fan around the world who’d like to get a glimpse of how it touches our Uruguayan hearts every time we listen to it.


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