I Wasn’t Coward Enough.


For just three minutes.

For just three minutes  I wasn’t coward enough to keep my steady effort to overlook what moved me so deeply in the story of The Great Gatsby.

Of course, what I already said about it is absolutely true, but every masterpiece is rooted in one tragic aspect of life and for me, in The Great Gatsby, the most despairing true is that Jay and Daisy would’ve never been able to be together. No matter what arrangement of events, their worlds were too alien to each other. It wouldn’t have worked if they had gotten married either.

I think that what makes them and the reader suffer so much is that realization.

There’s no worse pain than the acknowledgement of how untuned each aspect of a person’s personality can be in relation with the others and how what usually determines us is what we’ve been taught, not what we are.


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