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CU in Maracaná 2014!


It’s old news, but how good it feels to say it once and again and again! Oh, boy! It was difficult indeed!

Anyway! As Mathew 20:16 says, ‘So the last will be the first, and the first will be the last.’ 😉


I have been silent but not inactive.


At least, after 18 years, I could  claim that back to my condition.

I’ve been working like hell, but that’s boring stuff to write about apart from the fact that I feel so smug for having met all my deadlines on time.

What else? Well, here it goes:

1.  I read The Host by Stephenie Meyer.


You know, The Twilight Saga was such a guilty pleasure I just wanted to give it a try. I have to say the novel was… sufficient although she could have either written the same in 400 pages instead of 700. I understand the writer’s need for pages in terms of plot and character. Meyer needed the alien spending time with the humans, so it would make sense to it to shift sides. I guess she also wanted the reader to feel Wanderer’s fear and constant state of peril  at the beginnig for being the enemy among humans. But it was just more of the same for 50 pages at a time and I got bored enough to skim pages until something interesting seemed to happen.

Obviously, my infantile romantic side didn’t escape unharmed and after finishing the book I rented the movie, of course! I wanted to see  Ian O’Shea. Oh, my! What a blow! Yoy know, Meyer’s work is fragile. One single bad decision and the spell is lost in ridicule and they couldn’t have done more bad decision over this movie. But no everything is lost.

2.  I watched Beautiful Creatures and I LOVED IT!


How refreshing to watch a fantasy movie for young adults (which I’m not) that’s not silly!

I loved the dialogues! Amazing dialogues!

And the references to a book and an author I cherished (Vonnegut’s  Slaughter House 5) won me over in the first minute of film. I just thinks that whoever likes Vonnegut must be an interesting person (either real or imaginary) to meet. I also made a mental note to read something by Bukowski. I don’t think I’ll come across to any of the books in the series any time soon, but the movie was a nice surprise I recommended to everybody I met the days that followed my seeing the movie. What else to say but to make a special mention of the huge actors that played the supporting roles. It must have been an overwhelming experience for the young actors to share the stage with such masters.

3.  I finally watched ‘The Great Gatsby’.


And I must confess it wasn’t what I was expecting. And I was expecting a lot since I really loved the book and it is set at my favourite period in time ever. I take whatever talks about the Roaring Twenties pretty seriously. So, lets see.

The epoch recreation was impeccable, but due to my fierce attachment to the first part of the 20th century, I didn’t appreciate the contemporary music intruding. I understand the move of playing modern music instead of Charleston as a way to make people connect the excesses of that time as the excesses of today, but it made the movie lost character.  I don’t know, I didn’t have trouble with Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, I actually admire it, but I couldn’t accept the idea with Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.

And what on earth were they thinking when they gave Tobey Maguire Nick Carraway’s part! I’m not trying to be mean but Maguire is one of the worst actors that has ever appeared on camera!

4.  I started reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63.


I was walking along the corridor of the library in search of ‘The Hunger Games’ when I saw it on the shelf. I know I shouldn’t pick it because I’m really tight with time. I’m preparing my Proficiency exam and it is hell at work, but I couldn’t let it pass. I had been waiting for it to arrive to the library for months. A King’s book that I could finally read because I wouldn’t be too scared to read it alone at night. I hope the wait will prove to have been worth it.

Well! This has been a loooong post, hasn’t it! But I wanted to catch up 😉

It is too late to check for mistakes, so I’l post it like this and tomorrow I’ll see.