Right now I’m beside myself.


I’m appalled and worried to death.

I almost bumped my scooter into a motorcycle today morning because I turned left without looking both ways. While running errands, I had to retrace my steps several times to answer to people’s goodbyes adding an apology because I’m so distracted. I can only think on what is going to happen to Peeta.

Yesterday I watched the second instalment of The Hunger Games.

I told my sister and she told me she understood my distress; she’s really depressed because the characters in the soap opera she follows are about to split up, but  she’s the one who cried out “no!”  and jumped from the seat with me at the movies when the Volturi ripped off Carlisle Cullen’s head.

I dread to know what Collins had decided to do with Peeta and I’m beyond reasoning.


My sensible side keeps on telling me many things among which she insists on the fact that this is a love story for adolescents and she almost convinced me until I realized that most are: Romeo and Juliet; Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy; Robin Hood and Maid Marian; Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester; Newland Archer and Ellen Olenska; etc, etc. There’s so little appeal to love stories about mature people.

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean I want a tragedy out of this tale; but please, please, not the cheap ending where Peeta falls for Johanna as second best and leaves Katniss free of guilt to go to Gale; please don’t.

I can’t wait finishing the second book to end the third and finally know.

Then I’ll grieve or mourn depending the case because I have little hope this will end as I want it to, because what I want doesn’t make sense. I hope in between Peeta has a chance to show himself stronger than Katniss for once, so she’ll respect him for a change. That girl is great, my favourite heroine so far,  but sooo arrogant and short-sighted! Well, who isn’t at sixteen!

I’m back to the book now. I haven’t watched TV in the last three weeks, what is a lot to say. Before this saga I read King’s 11/22/63 and boy, that was another ride!

May the odds be in my favor for this ending!


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