What a blow!


Oh, my!

I received my CPE results today. I passed with a C; only three points missing for a B. What thrashed me though is that I didn’t even reach the borderline in the writing paper! I’m sure I passed it because my other papers were really high; but it really shocked me.

Maybe, I’m just deluding myself and I don’t write as well as I thought. Only very few people have actually read me, and they all know me personally and they are all Spanish native speakers; so maybe, they miss what is wrong in the language because they fundamentally understand how I think language and they can follow my thinking regardless the mistakes and errors.  Or they’re just being nice with me.

I turned on the computer today to write and after checking that result I don’t know what to do.


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  1. Congratuations on passing your CPE!!!! That’s a great feat and you know that no matter the marks in the writing, it is in overall a very difficult examination. Writing is a difficult issue with these type of exams because when you read the guidelines and examples (especially from the Cambridge University Press books) it seem that getting band 3 or more is easy. However, I don’t think it is so, especially in exams at this level.
    Congratulation on your exam and focus on the diploma, what it means in our profession and in keeping on reading – what you’ve done as I’ve seen in other entries of this blog. I also fell under the spell of the Hunger games and I’ve read the books twice.

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