I hate this rotten summer…


with all my heart.

It’s been an endless  fucking series of climatic disasters that seem to have no end. The first 15 days there was a heat wave of 45ºC day and night. The air was so hot and dry it was like breathing next to a heater. Then, the night of my bday there was a squall, a wind storm with violent rain that hit ground exactly in the area I live. It uprooted most of the trees that were still standing after last year’s couple of storms and damaged houses in all posible ways. My house lost many of its roof tiles, but I was luckier than my friend Leo since my house has a concrete roof. She lost half of hers because it’s made of wood.

Then came the days with  35ºC with 90% humidity, but nobody was ready for these last 10 days of rain. Each day it rained the amount it usually rains in 4 months. All the country has been flooded, but one of the most affected areas is again, where I live. The water dragged hundreds of  streets completely and the earth collapsed everywhere. There are thousands of people who had to be evacuated and thousands of houses under water. People that have worked all their lives to have something, which is really hard in this country, has lost everything. Lets not talk about those many that live in the poorest parts.

And the weather forecast says it’ll rain almost all week long.

My house was spared although the whole garden and backyard are under water. The house structure, specially the roof and the windows have been considerably damaged and I have no idea how I’m going to afford the repairs. But the worst has been the fear. 10 days dreading that the worst would happen. That everything I worked so hard to obtain could be lost in a moment.  Unable to sleep at night, watching the rain pour and checking, endlessly, the weak spots. Checking that the water hasn’t entered from below the doors or that vermin don’t invade your house.  That happened to my mom. Her septic tank overflowed and water started coming into the house through the toilet’s drain. They were a whole day taking water out while it was pouring outside.

10 days  affraid to leave home to work because you don’t know what water can do in seconds if you’re not there, so I didn’t go to work or went and came back immediately what takes me, in total, four hours of commute. 10 days praying and getting mad at God, all at the same time, because one feels so helpless and unfairly punished. 

The last two days there have been some hours of sun in-between rain, and then came the post effects. The flies and mosquitoes and cockroaches. The smell of rotten vegetation and the odours that come from overflowed or, as in my case, collapsed septic tanks since this part of the country doesn’t have a sanitary system.

Tomorrow is Monday again, so I have to go out to work. I can’t miss more days, but I wonder how I will manage my anxiety. At this moment the weather forecast is saying on TV that strong storms are expected for tomorrow and the day next.

I dread the coming of the evening because everything is so much worse when it is dark.

Please God, spare us this time.


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