Monthly Archives: March 2014

The b@&#* is done.



I knew it from the very moment I held it in my hands. It was bad business, but I couldn’t resist.

It had been like 12 years since I had done my last jigsaw puzzle  and I had  made a point of it by making it into a picture that lies on my mantelpiece -an amazingly beautiful map of the world from the 1630s.  But last January, I was at the supermarket when I saw the timid box on the shelf and it was love at first sight. Having a weakness for pictures of ancient Chinese or Japanese women I couldn’t let it go; so I brought it home and started putting the pieces together. A thousand pieces jigsaw puzzle with 700 ones ALL in shades of red! After a month, it had become something personal, between she and me. Today, at six in the afternoon, I beat her down as you will see in the picture below. Now, I’m going to make her into a pretty picture to display somewhere and never ever ever take one of those red bastard out again.



The power of blessings.


First of all, thank you everybody for your warm messages of encouragement!

I must confess I was quite surprised when I received so many comments on my facebook account about my last post. It is sooo nice to feel you are appreciated, but I think those wishes went further.

Yesterday, I decided I would go to the dentist’s  appointment with enough time to spare since last time the bus ride took ages and I was late. When I got there, an hour earlier, I found out the clinic was on a  strike and they weren’t seeing patients because in an hour they were going to protest on the streets.

Imagine my face! I didn’t know about the strike because they had phoned to my old number to cancel the appointment. I had skipped work and I had been so stressed waiting for the day, I couldn’t imagine re-scheduling it.

Well, you are imagining my face, but they definitely saw it and, I’m convinced,  with the good vibes I had around me from all your messages, the dentist decided to apply the braces anyway!

So, here I am; no pain at all! I guess it’s because she affixed the brackets but she didn’t tighten them. She was in such a hurry! Next Tuesday, she’ll brace my lower teeth and then I’ll ask.

Thank you all again and take a second to think about the power of wishing well. It is something I never pay attention to until something like this happens and I can’t but wonder.






Farewell to me.


This is the last picture of what it is about to become my old self.


Tomorrow morning, the dentist is going to wire my teeth and then, I would have reached another milestone in my life.

I’ve been wishing this to happen for about 30 years, so I’m excited about it. On the other hand, I must face, again, another long, painful, and embarrasing recovery what makes me anxious and scared and sad. Above all, I’m starting a transformation that goes beyond the physical aspect of it. Every idea I have about me is going to change: a lot, a little, but they will change anyway because all of them are, in one way or another, related with how I see myself.

So, that’s it. The stress has been so intense I’ve had another vertigo episode and I’m taking medication to control the dizziness. My back hurts like hell and I’m having such a push of bruxism I can barely open my jaws.  I hope by Friday I’ll be over all this; maybe so into the pain the braces produce, I won’t have time to care about the inconveniencies they bring to my personality foundations.

Oh, God; you really enjoy watching me strive! I hope you’ll give me a loooooong break after this ends in… five years or so!