Farewell to me.


This is the last picture of what it is about to become my old self.


Tomorrow morning, the dentist is going to wire my teeth and then, I would have reached another milestone in my life.

I’ve been wishing this to happen for about 30 years, so I’m excited about it. On the other hand, I must face, again, another long, painful, and embarrasing recovery what makes me anxious and scared and sad. Above all, I’m starting a transformation that goes beyond the physical aspect of it. Every idea I have about me is going to change: a lot, a little, but they will change anyway because all of them are, in one way or another, related with how I see myself.

So, that’s it. The stress has been so intense I’ve had another vertigo episode and I’m taking medication to control the dizziness. My back hurts like hell and I’m having such a push of bruxism I can barely open my jaws.  I hope by Friday I’ll be over all this; maybe so into the pain the braces produce, I won’t have time to care about the inconveniencies they bring to my personality foundations.

Oh, God; you really enjoy watching me strive! I hope you’ll give me a loooooong break after this ends in… five years or so!


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