The power of blessings.


First of all, thank you everybody for your warm messages of encouragement!

I must confess I was quite surprised when I received so many comments on my facebook account about my last post. It is sooo nice to feel you are appreciated, but I think those wishes went further.

Yesterday, I decided I would go to the dentist’s  appointment with enough time to spare since last time the bus ride took ages and I was late. When I got there, an hour earlier, I found out the clinic was on a  strike and they weren’t seeing patients because in an hour they were going to protest on the streets.

Imagine my face! I didn’t know about the strike because they had phoned to my old number to cancel the appointment. I had skipped work and I had been so stressed waiting for the day, I couldn’t imagine re-scheduling it.

Well, you are imagining my face, but they definitely saw it and, I’m convinced,  with the good vibes I had around me from all your messages, the dentist decided to apply the braces anyway!

So, here I am; no pain at all! I guess it’s because she affixed the brackets but she didn’t tighten them. She was in such a hurry! Next Tuesday, she’ll brace my lower teeth and then I’ll ask.

Thank you all again and take a second to think about the power of wishing well. It is something I never pay attention to until something like this happens and I can’t but wonder.







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