The b@&#* is done.



I knew it from the very moment I held it in my hands. It was bad business, but I couldn’t resist.

It had been like 12 years since I had done my last jigsaw puzzle  and I had  made a point of it by making it into a picture that lies on my mantelpiece -an amazingly beautiful map of the world from the 1630s.  But last January, I was at the supermarket when I saw the timid box on the shelf and it was love at first sight. Having a weakness for pictures of ancient Chinese or Japanese women I couldn’t let it go; so I brought it home and started putting the pieces together. A thousand pieces jigsaw puzzle with 700 ones ALL in shades of red! After a month, it had become something personal, between she and me. Today, at six in the afternoon, I beat her down as you will see in the picture below. Now, I’m going to make her into a pretty picture to display somewhere and never ever ever take one of those red bastard out again.



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