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BEAUTIFUL is not enough a word…


to describe this song.

There is something so compelling about it that words fail me to describe everything I feel when I listen to it.

I’ll try anyway.

First, it takes me immediately into a …praying state?  As if I were at church and deeply connected with my self.  I can’t pay attention to anything else while I’m listening to it.

Then, it is this omen sensation I have while I’m listening to it; as if a sacred army was getting ready to battle something quite important and definitive.

Then, the lyrics are… just my kind of lyrics. Profound and simple and categorical.

And the melody and the voice are so enthralling.

All this things and more. I think the only justice you can make to it would be if it were to appear in a scene of Game of Thrones or similar when there are no words to fill the barrenness that extends infinitely. Deep compliments to MesAyah too.

A million things to say and none.


Well, then! I feel as the main character in the old movie “The Piano”  finding it so hard to recover her voice after having self-imposed silence for so long. I haven’t posted in a while and every time I thought of writing about something I found it harder and harder to form any coherent thought or it seemed basically stupid.

But I had to, right? I had to post, Imean;  so, I chose something mild to start with.

I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 yesterday and I really liked it!

I had already felt I had recovered my childhood’s favourite hero with the first (and I was SO THANKFUL!)  and I was quite anxious of what it would happen with this one; but it was a really nice experience. I dare say, it was a really good experience for the whole auditorium, because the cinema was full and everybody kept still and silent throughout the movie. Pretty different from Captain America where people kept making comments all the projection long, including me and my family.

What else? The dialogues were so much in the style of the ones I remember from cartoons when I was 11 or 12, it was a delight; and the special effects are really AMAZING! Not only because of their quality, but mainly because of the concept behind them. They are aesthetically BEAUTIFUL, but essentially, they are clever!

I’ve been thinking about them and the best way I found to put it is that  even when things are destroyed (that is how things should be in comics, right?) first, there isn’t a senseless destruction of the city as you see in The Avengers or Captain America. I remember how sad and sick I felt watching those movies because I cannot understand what pleasure a person can draw from watching beautiful buildings and cities being destroyed as in a frenzy for demolition. I cannot help but thinking of  how much rubble must have been left afterwards, as in a war.

Secondly, the director placed the attention in the motions of things that are destroyed what shows intelligence and creativity.

All in all; I want to go and watch it again. Specially because I can’t overcome the shock the end provoked in me and everybody else in the audience.

spiderman 2


Leer es alimentar el alma…


I lost my idealism on Spirituality long ago, thanks God!

However, I was filled with a feeling of contempt and desdain to everything related to it; yeah! that big was my disillusion. And then, I came across this book, and more importantly, this writer and I recovered a part of my soul.

I recommend you to read it and you’ll see it is so down-to-earth and practical and easy to follow, it will work on its own. As a great master told me once; “you don’t need to believe in cars, you just use them.” So, use it and you’ll see.

World Premiere on new song: Linnea Nordum feat MesAyah – Sweet little melodies


This song came to me as a prayer that immediately focused all my self into its melody and her voice. It was as listening to the Archangels getting ready to battle evil. It is beautiful and deep beyond words. It touched my hear as anything had done in a long while.

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

New song collaboration

I met singer songwriter Linnea Nordum ages ago, and new that she could sing, since she sang in the choir and such. But when she contacted me this spring about making a track together, I could not even imagine what was waiting me. it took me about 2 seconds to decide, I had to put a verse down on this song. And now the result is available for you, and you dont have to pay a single dime. It is a free download, from us to you. Hope you will enjoy the beautiful voice of Linnea as much as I do.

You can also here it at the end of The new MesAyah TV episode


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