BEAUTIFUL is not enough a word…


to describe this song.

There is something so compelling about it that words fail me to describe everything I feel when I listen to it.

I’ll try anyway.

First, it takes me immediately into a …praying state?  As if I were at church and deeply connected with my self.  I can’t pay attention to anything else while I’m listening to it.

Then, it is this omen sensation I have while I’m listening to it; as if a sacred army was getting ready to battle something quite important and definitive.

Then, the lyrics are… just my kind of lyrics. Profound and simple and categorical.

And the melody and the voice are so enthralling.

All this things and more. I think the only justice you can make to it would be if it were to appear in a scene of Game of Thrones or similar when there are no words to fill the barrenness that extends infinitely. Deep compliments to MesAyah too.


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