Books are the food of the Soul.


Chilli & Canela

In ChilliandCanela we not only love cooking and baking, we are also passionate about reading! This month we have enjoyed:

 b5ae2ec62447662882a8f0c7ec86943f1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.

Another AMAZING book by the writer of the Wind-up bird Chronicle. In this story about parallel universes we are invited to walk into a world with two moons, silent assassins, mysterious cults, adolescent writers, persistent memories and the enigmatic Little People, whose role in the events of the planet are at first unknown.

Captivating from beginning to end, the reader moves in this world blindly, while the same hand that moves the characters as pawns in an intricate game, makes him turn page after page.

Unfailingly interesting and sometimes disturbing, this is a great book.


So…What is the Law of Attraction? by Paula Brook Green.

This book pretty much delivers what says on the title, with the added feature that it actually leaves you with…

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