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An old sound revisited.


In the best of Pink Floyd’s tradition.



It’s a roller coaster dude!


Oh, yeah!

It’s been so much to process! This FIFA World Cup has brought another bunch of extreme emotions to us Uruguayans. Pretty different from the ones we lived in South Africa and which we were hoping to have back. Well… now that I think of it I’m pretty sure that many peoples in the world would have loved to experience what we did in the matches against England and Italy. Yeah! It’s still amazing to be a Uruguayan. Each and every one of our matches is a Hollywood movie; all that drama and suspense!

But what everybody is talking about is Suárez,  so how couldn’t I!

It is pretty simple though:

1. He is the most amazing football player of the last four years, PERIOD. Argue as much as you want, you won’t convince me otherwise. Go and operate Messi, Ronaldo o Neymar. Robben or James Rodríguez, you pick. Then make them play 28 days after the operation as Luís played against England and we’ll talk.  Have those players suspended  several dates and then make them become the best player of the Premier League along with the fact that they must carry ytheir teams from middle positions in the table to playing for the championship, which Liverpool could have won if their defense hadn’t been so bad.

2. He is the biggest jerk on Earth. He ruined everything for him and us.

3. He can’t help it and that’s why we Uruguayans love him more. Even when we were all shocked by his deed we understand it’s an instinct much stronger than any reasoning he can make.; otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it, obviously. Look what a mess he made of things! The FIFA profile video on Uruguay previous to the World Cup presented Suárez as a player with a “fiercely determined attitude” -and I’m quoting. It’s that attitude that made him continue playing for more than 20 minutes against England when he was completely cramp and he scored two goals in the mid time.

4. He needs to work on it because we all agree it’s not good to go around biting people as if you were a 3-year-old. It’s OK to play with the passion of a child, but not to behave like one. You better go around punching or kicking or hitting people like a real man, so you break some ankles and noses as it should be.

5. I never before loved my President more* than when I saw how he reacted to all this. He was a real big father to Luís and with it, to all of us his siblings in a pretty devastating moment for a country which religion is football. I completely celebrated and share his words: the FIFA authorities are all “old sons of bitches”.

* I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t want him to become our President in the first place, but after all these years I learnt to appreciate this simple man with all his faults and bizarreness; all his wisdom and arrogance; but mostly because of  his humanity.

6. FIFA’s treatment of Luís Suárez and its sanctions are criminal and it just showed to the world how lethal absolute power can be. What they wanted to make seem as a moral judgement just put in evidence a truly desproportionate setting of scores that the English press wanted over Luís from long ago and how the FIFA,  the Brazilians, and the Colombians took advantage of a man’s flaw. Uruguay is a persistent, dangerous  annoyance to all their national pride and business and Luís provided the gretest of excuses to flush us out.

Oh, boy! The line that sets apart righteousness from simple retalliation is so thin. As thin as the line separating  fairness from taking unfair advantage from a situation. It blew on their faces though when some people in the world dared to speak up against the exagerated punishment. Timid, powerless rebells in the biggest transnational dictatorship of all times.

But when we were all convinced that nothing was above the all-powerful FIFA, the God af all gods, money, spoke up. Now they are “reducing the sanctions” even before the appeal was presented. Now that they made sure that Uruguay didn’t make it further (we had produced enough damage already), they won’t hold their ground as easily as it seemed. Liverpool won’t  waste the  80 million euros they invested in Luís. As always, richs get what they want and poors, as my country, get what they deserve for their insolence of thinking themselves equal to the almighty royalty.

Finally. Please, before losing the point of all this and accusing me of biased or ridiculous, go back to point s 2 and 4.

We still have an amazing set of players that make us proud, including Luís. We received them as winners at the airport even when they didn’t make it to the Round of 16. That, I think, is another thing many peoples of the world would like to have. This special communion with a group of men we  respect and love as a community. Thanks to Tabárez and Lugano for that. I know Godín is up to the task to replace the greatest skipper we have had in a long time.

Well, I think the next international tournament is the Copa América. See you there!