How to Gain Self-Control In A Smartphone Culture


I found this article quite interesting. Actually, I found it interesting enough to force my already fragile attention span to keep on reading after the third line.

I found specially remarkable the following lines: “…Poor self-control is often associated with poverty, low grade performance and overall achievement in life – irrespective of whether or not a person has high IQ… That is why I mentioned in my Fasting for the brain and bulge article that exercise and diet education won’t lead people to a healthier lifestyle, for that – I would argue self-control is a far more powerful function.”

Give it a try; it’s worth the 3 minutes you’ll be away from your phone.

Nova Spire

Just today I went out for a drive and I’ve noticed several people on their phones while driving. Apart from increasing your risk of getting in an accident. I find most people are losing any sense of self-awareness. People like to scoff and exclaim “they are a multi-tasker” – OK.

Everyone wants it fast and they want it now. Everyone is told that they “deserve” it. People are fed lines like this and don’t seem to question it.

The smartphone is the ultimate distraction and communication tool. It can be used badly and for good.

There are great things about technology. But like anything else when using new tools, you can create progressions while also creating hindrances in adaptation. I think since we are still in the early stages of adapting to this “tool”, we are slowly deciphering ways to live with them.

It is a generation of zombies…

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