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Mission Accomplished.


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Oh boy, I finished reading it at last!

Last November, after watching the last instalment in the Twilight Saga a former colleague of mine told me that if I wanted to read a good story about vampires, I should read Anne Rice’s; so I set myself to that on my summer vacation leave and here are my impressions about the trilogy.

First and foremost, I proved to myself I definitely DON’T LIKE  vampire stories. I pushed myself to reading in spite of feeling constantly sick to my stomach just because I’m this type of guy who’s thorough in everything she does. I definitely got caught into the spell of Twilight because it has so little to do with vampires.

I finished it just out of  a sense of duty and at some point because after more less 1,200 pages,  I wanted to know the end; but never because I was excited about it. It may be argued that reading the three books of the trilogy (Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned) on a row could’ve been too much because I remember that happening to me with Ender’s Saga by Orson Scot Card which I read enthusiastically through the first two books, but later on I was just in the “come on!”  mood. However, I can  argue back that I read Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind and specially the 1,oo0 pages of The Wise Man’s Fear suffering because every turn of the page implied one page nearer the end.

Rice is great describing scenarios! I also  admit the author made a great effort to give to her stories substance. She dealt a lot with the duality of the human versus the monster in the vampire and provided the text with much philosophical discussion. However, six pages trying to justify cannibalism don’t make any diference and left me with the impression that Rice was either underestimating me as a reader or being too cautious  not to damage her vampires’ reputations.

But the thing that annoyed me most was the female characters she presented. Apart from being very scarce (only four potential ones) they are the worst possible stereotypes. Two are the epitome of  selfishness and self-centredness (does this word exist?). The other was vaguely presented as the ONLY ONE who could make a vampire love a woman just to be mistreated later by that same former lover after she almost dies trying to rescue him. But all prices go to the Queen of the Damned! What a despicable, conceited, mean person! I mean, it’s not that I wanted all women to be cool and great, but I’m talking of balance and diversity as the male characters try to have. It seems that in Rice’s universe the only ones who can love each other deeeply and be eternally together are men gays.