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… to me!

Today, wordpress reminded me that I started this blog one year ago exactly. I had no idea but that is understandable since I’m so bad with birthdays and aniversaries. Anyway! The reminder brought me great joy and I can’t let the occasion pass without thanking again and again to  my dearest friend Natalia who not only opened this blog and posted my first piece for me while I was just simply paralized, but encouraged me to continue writing with that soothing way of hers.

I’ve already told her some things I want her to say in my name at my funeral which I’m expecting she will actually say or I’ll be forced to come back from the grave to haunt her and make all her cakes and breads and pies go flat. Therefore, I’m asking you, on my behalf, that if my passing comes unexpectedly, to please thank her for this great opportunity.

However (God! I’m using all the connectors good girls use when they are sitting for their first certificate degree), as a present thank you gift to her – who was the godmother of this blog, I found a song we used to listen to when we met 10 years ago in Germany. It kind of stood just in the middle of our age differences since it was at that moment a new version by the band she loves of an old song I used to love by a band I used to worship when Natalia was just a toddler or so. The astonishing voice of Tom Jones’s is just a super bonus track since he’s the ultra-coolest among the not cool singers in the world.

Welcome to the party and help yourselves to music. Ignore the delay 😉