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And if you stay a while…


I’ll penetrate your soul
I’ll bleed into your dreams

I’ll weep into your eyes
I’ll make your visions sing
I’ll open endless skies
And ride your broken wings
Welcome to my World


Delta Machine.


Last Friday a colleague of mine told us that Depeche Mode had released a new album not long ago; so I dutifully set myself to see what it was about.

I spent four hours this morning listening to Delta Machine and I enjoyed every single lap. I made a list of those songs I liked best, but when I listened to them again this evening, my preferences shifted. Therefore, I decided to give you access to all of it and let you have your picks.

In my case, my favourites up to this minute are Welcome to My World, Soft Touch/Raw Nerve, Always, and My Little Universe.

Anyway, I can’t think of Depeche Mode without instantly invoking the classic below.