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True love is unconditional.


Well then,

I truly love this story: TRULY.
I LOVE the story and the characters and mostly the way it is written.

I deeply love the cast; ALL of them: DEEPLY.
And I love the two previous movies: I REALLY DO.

That’s why I won’t say a word on how much I felt they left out of this third instalment. And I won’t say a word either because, all in all, I’m glad I had the chance to see them all again.

And honest love is always rewarded because at the end of the screening I found that Lorde wrote this PERFECT SONG for the credits which depicts exactly how I feel Katniss.


Oh my God, Oh my God!


I’m sooo happy! So ecstatic I could graciously process that annoying sensation you have when one of those New Age clichés becomes real and you wonder why, if it is so, you are not living  your dream 24-7.

I finally bought the last book of  The Hunger Games trilogy!!

It was a long longing that at a moment  became a hunt to end as what seemed a lost hope.

I fell in love with the story and mostly with how it is written, last November when I borrowed them from the library. I kept the books all summer long and re-read them several times. I tried to buy them in Uruguay but I could only find the second book. In December 2013, I travelled to Buenos Aires and my beloved friends helped me through an insane search which resulted in my buying the first one through a website from a woman who had bought it in English by mistake. Yet, number three was missing.

I came back to Uruguay determined to get the third. Uruguay has a very limited market for books in English and at the only bookstore that imports them, they told me that they were not planning to bring it. However, I did not give up. I knew that the book would arrive at  Buenos Aires on January 16 and I was decided to buy it online and have it sent to me. The problem was that the shipping was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it.

I still hoped; so in March, when a friend of mine travelled to Buenos Aires, I  saw my chance coming at last; but at that time the book was sold out and I ended empty handed again.

Everybody in Uruguay is buying clothes and stuff online for the cheapest prices without paying shipment if the parcel weighs less than two kilos; so I felt my hopes reborn, specially after finding out that the book costs 8 dollars in Amazon, but… books DO pay shipping and it was three times the price of the book. I felt as the tragic hero who cannot reach victory no matter how hard she tried. Yet, I made it  a point to go and ask for the book everytime I happened to walk in front of the bookstore. I did it  for two months until I convinced myself it was useless and I abandoned my quest.

I … let it be.

Yesterday, I walked into the bookstore looking for a novel to read and never thought of the book until I saw Books One and Two on the shelf… I couldn’t believe my eyes and I couldn’t believe that the only one missing was number three!!! I asked the attendant in dismay about the third and didn’t understand, at first, when he told me that it was just in front of my eyes!

What else can I say!! I thought of my friend Paula Brook Green and everything she says and writes about and couldn’t but accept the truth of it all and, as I said, I was too happy to worry about why I could get a book I thought lost because the Universe aligned itself with my wish, but  my stories aren’t read by millions by now.




I’m SOOO thankful!


I owe a huge apology to Suzane Collins because I could have never conceived, in my most hopeful dreams, such a masterful ending. I’m so relieved.

However, the intensity of the feelings that book  3 “Mockinjay” produced on me, hasn’t worn off yet.  It reminds me of other times in my life when I came across certain chemicals which produced this awkward feeling of unpleasantness you want out of your system right away, but at the same time they feel so good, so strong,  you cling to it and force yourself through the inconveniencies because they reach somewhere deep inside that’s usually numb because you don’t connect with it much. Feelings there, are too powerful.

Yes; I found this story  dangerous to my system.

What better praise could I give this amazing writer than saying that reading her saga filled me with an urge to write immediately; to continue the work I’ve been  methodically procrastinating for months?  But just after a couple of steps towards the computer I woud realize whatever I wrote would be so simple an inconsequential I never typed one key.